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06 April 2006 @ 04:18 pm
H.P. Lovecraft is rolling in his grave  
So Sam and I decided to rent Beyond the Reanimator, even though it's a Lovecraft-based cult film, which we've had bad experiences with before. For a guy who had very few females-- let alone references to anything remotely sexual-- in his work, Lovecraft's stories always seem to get twisted on-screen with bizarre and improbable additions of sex, bondage, and lots of gore. Lovecraft himself depended on none of these things to write horror, and he was a mastermind.

But, fools that we were, we popped in the tape...

[five minutes in]
MEREDITH: Did that little kid just grope his sister?
SAM:... dudes.

[ten minutes in]
SAM: Okay, scary German warden-- that's not a cliche.
MEREDITH: At least it's not Speirs.

[twenty minutes in]
MEREDITH: Ew! Ew! I can't watch! Ew! *buries face in the carpet* What's happening?
SAM: He's peeling the skin off the rat.

[forty minutes in]
SAM: That's disgusting!
MEREDITH: He doesn't have any legs! *moans*
SAM: Oh, I can't watch...

[fifty minutes in]
MEREDITH: Did she just bite off his penis?
SAM: *shudders* Yeah.
MEREDITH: Seriously?
SAM: Yeah.
MEREDITH: Gross! *hides again*
SAM: Dudes, the nurse has bondage gear on under her uniform.

[fifty five minutes in]
MEREDITH: *having given up any pretense of trying to watch* I like it down here on the floor. It's nice and safe. I can't see the screen.
SAM: Dudes, the rat just made off with the dismembered penis!
SAM: Yes, way.

[credits roll]
SAM; That was...
MEREDITH: Oh my god.
SAM: I mean, I have a fairly strong stomach, and that was...
SAM: Who thinks up this stuff? That was...
MEREDITH; Psychotic. I'm never going to eat again.

So, let that be a lesson. Lovecraft's genius obviously can not be transferred to the screen, especially not by sex-obsessed morons who think the essence of horror is found in blood and guts. Clearly, the great priest Cthulhu will rise from the sunken depths of Ryleh and consume these blasphemous mortals' souls.

I'm going to go read the original story now, so I'll feel better.

Also, if you see a copy of Beyond the Reanimator, please run-- nay flee-- as fast as you possibly can.
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moonspinnermoonspinner on April 7th, 2006 12:16 pm (UTC)
Hi Merry. It's been a while since you've posted on live journal. Hope school's not been too busy. I saw your review of 'V for Vendetta'. Thanks for warning me off. I have a big problem with psychological abduction.

Merry, I've got 2 big favours to ask of you. Remember 'Artificial Wings' that incredible story about Anakin being abandoned by the Jedi? It's haunted me since I first read it - almost 4 years now and well... I'd like to try and exorcise this ghost. So what do you feel if I say that I would like to pick up from where you stopped? Write an ending to the story? Complete it. I'd be very grateful for your input. In fact, I would love if you could go over every chapter, scene whatever that I write with me. I know this sounds really, really weird but I get the feeling that you're not going to continue that story again. And well, I'd really like to know what happens in the end.

The second big favour is somehow silly but oh well.... You know my story 'Thwarted Fate'? I know you don't come to the boards all the time but please, could you just drop a comment now and then? It would really, really, really, really mean a lot to me if you do. You're one of my favourite writers and I have such admiration and respect for your work. I also like to think we're friends? And well... friends should leave feedback for each other, shouldn't they? I know this sounds silly but you do leave feedback on occasion for other writers - I started reading Kel'el'en's stories on the boards and I noticed how regularly you posted on the thread so ... Well, if you can leave feedback for her, can't you do the same for me? It would really mean a lot to me. Unless of course, you think the story stinks. Which is possible. We're losing so many readers it's not entirely far-fetched. But if you do think so, I won't even mind you telling me so. So at least, I'll understand. You know?

I guess I'm just in a very low place emotionally right now. thwarted fate is such a challenge to write and I can't help feeling abandoned by a lot of my friends.

Well... i hope i haven't totally depressed you.
Meredith Bronwen Mallorygarnettrees on April 8th, 2006 05:57 pm (UTC)
Hey, Leia_N! It's nice to hear from you! I know I haven't been around all that much lately, so it's nice to hear from you. I'm glad the 'V foor Vendetta' review was helpful to you-- I'm afraid I may have ticked off a few people with that little rant, but I felt very strongly about it.

I'm sorry I haven't been posting that much to 'Thwarted Fates'. I tend to read it in large chunks, late at night, so even though I love it to a dizzying degree, I usually end up going to bed and thinking 'I'll write her something in the morning'. And then it gets away from me. That's really selfish, so I'll try to be better about it. I really do enjoy the story, even if I am a bit behind. I have to be in the right mood to really appreciate all the nuances. It's almost gothic, in that sense.

As to 'Artificial Wings'... well, I'm sorry, but for some reason, I can't just turn the story over to you. Carol is just really funny that way, for all her embarrassingly short attention span. I would not, however, be adverse to you joining in as a cowriter. An equal partner who will add some fresh creative juice and keep me from letting too much time ellapse between parts. I have some ideas about where I want to go with the piece, but I'd definitely be open to new ones. The first half 'A Final, Distant Shore' was supposed to be part of 'Artificial Wings' instead, but I ended up letting it be a short. I think I may have some performance anxiety from being away for so long. So, maybe you and I could revise the first parts (which embarrass me, a little) and then plan where we ought to go from there. Let me know what you think.

Don't feel abandoned, sweetie. *hugs* Spring always seems to be a low time of feedback for everyone, probably because of school. But I know how you feel. Hang in there, okay?

moonspinnermoonspinner on April 11th, 2006 06:30 am (UTC)
Hello Merry,

*blushes hard*
I guess I must have come off like an idiot - not surprising since I am an idiot. *rolls eyes*. I'm really happy that you're reading the story and enjoying it. I guess I was just feeling silly about never hearing from you about it - except the one time you sent that lovely PM. I really appreciated the review you dropped on the thread. I don't want you to feel obligated to review - that'll take the fun out of it - just to drop in now and then will be wonderful.
Talking about your review, I replied you on the thread, but I just wanted to add here how wonderful I felt at how you just put your finger spot on the most fundamental theme - 'the most dangerous thing in life is love.' I'll just leave it at that. But you really just summarized the whole story by that one sentence. :D

I'd be *honoured* to co-write 'Artifical Wings' with you. *blushes again* I hope I didn't sound completely boorish offering to complete it - because I didn't meant to. I honestly felt you had abandoned the story, stepped out of the world, in a manner of speaking - and well, I've thought about it for 2 years now and I had one or two ideas. There are so many wonderful elements there. It has so much potential. I know you didn't go as far with it as 'From Whereever I am to you', 'Widow Skywalker', 'Faces' or even 'Our Lady of Sighs' (another *wonderful* story that I'd love you to finish someday!) but I honestly believe it has the potential to be your greatest SW fanfic work. :D I'm really honoured to co-write it with you. I have to confess though that between 'thwarted fate' and one or two mini-stories I get into, I might be a little bit on the flaky side. If you don't mind a co-writer that's almost as unreliable as Carol ;) , then no problem, I'll be delighted!