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Do Not Feed or Tease the WIPs

It's time once again for Meredith to look deep into the hidden depths of her hard drive and look at all the bits and pieces of fic floating around down there. I haven't written anything since February, and I'm getting a little frustrated-- hopefully this will help me get off my boney white arse. ^_~

[Note: This is in no way a complete list of all my WIPs. If I did that, we'd be here all night. ^^; Instead, this is just an inventory of stuff shoved into a particular folder, like free-floating bunnies from hell. ... yeah.]

anashiki.cwk- Two pages of a bizarre Marauders-era Lily/Narcissa story, that I think has the possibility of shading into some post-war Harry/Draco.

endoftheworld.cwk- notes on a possible pre-TPM Padme story.

end.cwk- the actual end of 'From Where Ever I Am To You'. I'll get there, someday. *cries*

home.cwk- Three pages of a post-Meridian Jack/Daniel piece, dealing with grief, denial, and Jack's weird relationship with his mom.

machidasai.cwk- three pages of 'From Where Ever I Am To You' which Leia_N has beta'd, but which continue to languish because I can't seem to end the chapter.

sola.cwk- One line of a P/A piece from Sola's POV, written before ROTS came out.

problems.cwk- a line removed from 'Do Not Wish To Be Rare Like Jade'. Seems like it could go somewhere on its own.

whitestone.cwk- really brief notes on a possible post-ROTJ Star Wars fic.

willowreads.cwk- two pages of a sequel to 'Each Time You Tell The Story'.

warstories.cwk- Ten pages of a Star Wars fic I've never gotten up the courage to post, simply because it's so far from what I usually write.

flowers.cwk- First page of a seuql to 'The Widow Skywalker'. Yeah, Meredith, maybe you should finish the actual story, first. ^^;;

attheplanet.cwk- Two pages of the next chapter of 'World Shaking Down'.

...heh, and that doesn't even cover the stuff floating around in various notebooks. Ah, I'm such a loser. ^__^
who's muse is probably living it up in Nagoya right now.
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