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Fear Ye the Slash

Well, I figured it was only a matter of time when I started reading Clex fic. The DC 'verse, as convoluded and disorganized as it is, is like a giant black hole. And-- *slurp!*-- there went poor little Meredith. I've always gotten a 'vibe' from Batman and Robin I (or Batman/Nightwing, or Bruce/Dick, whatever), but now I'm looking for some fic. The thing is... I can't seem to find any. I found Tim/Dick (thanks to amejisuto)-- that's actually what I started out reading, but after a hitting a fic where Bruce had enormous issues about Tim managing to go where no Bat had gone before... I guess I'm just old school. Bruce/Dick OTP all the way, baby.

So, where are the goods? I need links-- archives, author sites, comms. Pretty please, with sugar on top? *tries to look cute*

Have some pity on a fandom 'ho, here. ^_~
Tags: bruce/dick, clex, dc-verse, fanfiction, slash, smallville, superman

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