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I like having a brother who's generally as nerdy as am I. We can watch BSG, Firefly, and horror flicks together. We can lament the seeming inability of writers/directors to produce a coherent Lovecraft movie. We can compare the Resident Evil video games to the movies, and argue about who would come out on top in a fight between the Kryptonians and the Goa'uld.

Sometimes, though, I think Sam wishes his sister wasn't quite so nerdy. Or slashy-- maybe both. ^_~

I've already forced him to admit that there was *something* going on between Jack and Daniel on Stargate. Then, tonight...

[on the phone for their evening call]
MEREDITH: I have a new pairing.
SAM: [warily] Dare I ask?
MEREDITH: Batman/Robin! The first Robin-- Dick Grayson, not Tim or Jason.
SAM: ... actually, I'm completely unsurprised by that.
SAM: Really. Normally your pairings make no sense--
MEREDITH: Yes, they do.
SAM: *but* this time, I can sort of see it.
MEREDITH: What I don't get is why there seems to be more Nightwing/Robin stuff out there.
SAM: Tim and Dick? That's like psychological incest.
MEREDITH: And you don't think Bruce/Dick is like psychological incest? Bruce did take Dick as his ward.
SAM: Nah. Dick was old enough that it wasn't really father/son, you know? But Dick was once Robin himself, *and* he and Tim look a lot a like. Doesn't he call Tim 'little brother' sometimes?
MEREDITH: I think so. And yet, here I am, faced with all the Tim/Dick. I actually started reading that, but Bruce/Dick just makes more sense to me.
SAM: My god, I can't believe I'm saying this, but it makes more sense to the universe in general.
MEREDITH: Sam, did you just admit another slash pairing made sense?
SAM: We will never speak of this again.
MEREDITH: Now, about Clark and Lex...
SAM: No, just no. Also 'no' Kirk/Spock, Harry/Severus, and Spike/Xander.
MEREDITH: You don't watch Buffy.
SAM: On principle. Can you find someone else's childhood to defile?
MEREDITH: What about Spiderman/Green Goblin II?
SAM: Lalalala.

*smirk* I'm a big sister. 'Tis my job to be evil. ^__^
Tags: batman, bruce/dick, clex, dc-verse, harry-potter, resident-evil, slash, smallville, spander, stargate, zombies

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