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Friday is a beautiful thing.

It's Friday. Blessed, beautiful Friday. Not only is it a Friday, but it's a Friday before a Monday during which I have no class. Suddenly, life seems much more worth-while. ^_~

Now, if only there were more Batman/Nightwing slash. ^^;;;

Other things for your consideration include:

  • I was surfing through the radio the other night, and found a conservative channel in which the MC was saying "America is being invaded by Mexico". That's an exact quote. He then went on to say that we should put military troops on the border to "protect our culture". What culture? Baseball and steroids? White bread and hotdogs? "Survivor" and Martha Stewart?
    To quote the inestimable Dr. Hawkeye Pierce; "I just don't know why they're shooting at us. All we want to do is bring them democracy and white bread. Transplant the American dream. Freedom. Achievement. Hyperacidity. Affluence. Flatulence. Technology. Tension. The inalienable right to an early coronary sitting at your desk while plotting to stab your boss in the back. Now, that's entertainment!"
    Political people scare me. All of them.
  • I want to go see An American Haunting. Granted, I’ve already pushed my luck by seeing two good horror movies in a row (Stay Alive, and Silent Hill), but I can’t resist.
  • I have decided that my favorite flavor of DC ‘verse is a mix of the angsty ‘verse we have now, and the lighter Batman I remember from my youth. Hey, if DC can’t figure out what the hell the canon is, I feel entirely justified in making up my own.
  • What’s up with the female Robin? In a way, it’s cool, but then…. Nope. Sorry.
  • The first Nightmare on Elm Street movie was actually scary. Not heavy on the plot, but full of creepy images. Who knew?
  • I recently rewatched Addams Family Values, because I find it wonderfully fun and warped. But dudes, I ‘ship Wednesday/Joel. X_x;;;
  • Poison Ivy is still the best villainess in the bat’verse. But not played by Uma Thurman, please. *pictures Annette O’Toole instead*
  • I have decided, upon looking at Batman as portrayed in the current continuity, that Bruce Wayne is so coolly logical, so calculatingly sane, that is has actually driven him crazy. Oh! And with past Bruce/Ducard, it’s no freaking wonder that Bruce is madly in love with Dick and can’t admit it.
  • On that note, if someone writes a Bruce/Dick piece dealing with the events in Batman Begins, I’d die of excitement.
  • The novel It is much better than the movie overall (particularly with the ending), but with movie has some great moments and also—Annette O’Toole.
  • There’s a mineral found in comets and asteroids that’s very rare on Earth. It’s called Iridium. I have decided that, as a present after the fixing of the whole Rift thing, Clark goes and gets some and makes Lex a bracelet or ring out of it.
    …because I totally go to college to write better fan fiction. ^_~/^^;;
  • My Bruce/Dick otp song? “Speak Slow” by Tegan and Sara. ”I’m so far away that I just can’t see you, and I’m so far along that I just don’t need you.” It’s all about Nightwing running off to Bludhaven.

… That’s all for now. I get so fixated when I have a new fandom. ^_^;;;
Tags: batman, batman-begins, bruce/dick, clex, dc-verse, horror, mash, politics, slash, smallville, stephen-king, superman, wayne/ducard

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