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When Fandoms Collide

Okay, so I've set my DVR to tape Batman: The Animated Series and Justice League. BTAS actually makes me nostalgic, because I remember I used to watch it sometimes when I got home from school, way back in the day. Also, I love the VA for Batman. And Dick is in some of the eps! He's so squeaky clean, though-- nothing like the Dick from Batman Forever. I think I prefer my Dick somewhere in the happy medium. (God, his name is just never gonna roll of the tongue, is it? X_X;;) The animated Dick wears sweater-vests! Robin, sweetie, poodle, *no*.

Anyway, that's actually not the point. The point is that, while I was watching Justice League, I was struck by how familiar Flash's voice was. It turns out that Flash's VA is none other than Michael Rosenbaum. Michael Rosenbaum! As in, Lex Luthor from Smallville. Just break my brain, why don't you? What's more, MR has me completely in love with Flash, the way he voices him-- Wally is just so spastic and clueless and *clearly* the posterboy for ADD. He hangs around with at least two women who could kill him with their pinkies, and he's still kind of a horndog. He's so childish it's somehow endearing. From the fic I've read, I was prepared *not* to like Flash, but thanks to MR... Now I want to take him home with me! X_x

*looks back and forth* Lex... Flash... Lex... Flash...
Nope, sorry, not computing.

And here I thought it was scary having James Marsters on Smallville. At least Brainiac and Spike are both bad. ^_~
Tags: bruce/dick, buffy, slash, smallville, superman

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