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Petra (petronelle) wrote on June 12th, 2006 at 01:33 am
I am a pedantic fangirl and I apologize for the pedantry
With all love and affection for your choice of subject matter, it might be tidier and less brain-breaking if you were to separate comicsverse from toonverse, with the caveat that toonverse comics are actually toonverse continuity.

Apart from everything else that's extremely different, in comicsverse Bruce fires Dick and basically immediately kidnaps Jason and gives him Stockholm syndrome. Jason is Robin for about a year before he dies. When Dick goes home to find out what happened to the kid, Bruce tells him, "I admit it. I was lonely. I missed you." (And then one of them punches the other, as they do.) Shortly thereafter, Tim, Dick-stalker extraordinaire, shows up, tries to get Dick to be Robin again, and then when Dick says No Way, takes over himself.

Whereas in toonverse, Dick gets angry and quits, then goes away for two years. About two days before he gets back, Bruce takes in toonTim (who is a lot like comicsJason). When toonDick gets home, he's entirely his own mulleted man.

It's my considered opinion that this makes a big difference in the way the two universes run.
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