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Fangirly Clex Stuff

Alright-- pop quiz time. When I first started watching Justice League, I was pretty sure I wasn't going to see any Clex, as they wouldn't have the same chemistry as SV's Clark and Lex. Right?

From Injustice For All:
Okay, Clark. Your arch nemesis has just finished weakening you for nefarious purposes with a hunk of Kryptonite.* He's attempted to make his get away, but is weakened by long-term Krytonite poisoning and crashes his plane. Do you...
A) Stand over him and gloat.
B) Walk away, leaving him to die.
C) Totally freak out, rescue him, and call him by his first name, and afterwards wait by his bedside so you can be there to offer comfort when the doctor gives him the news.

From Hereafter:
Lex's turn. The superhero you've been fighting with for *years* finally seems to have been killed.** His friends and relatives are mourning. Do you...
A) Throw a party at the same time as the funeral and celebrate your newfound freedom.
B) Attend the funeral and gloat.
C) Attend the funeral and allow his sorta!girlfriend to hit you, afterwards telling her that you're going to miss him, too.

These two are the worst arch-enemies ever-- as in, they're just not good at it. The Joker hates Batman. Metallo hates Superman-- Vandal Savage hates Superman. Lex... routinely weakens him, ties him up, engages in shouting matches with him, and tries to steal his girlfriend. Clark spends an inordinate amount of time wondering what Lex is doing, spying on him, trailing him, and trying to scare off his girlfriends. In the one universe where Supes actually *did* kill Lex, he later went bonkers.

*sigh* I love these guys. Smallville or otherwise, they're just not good at leaving each other alone.
A highly amused,

*We won't even get into the inherent kinkiness of this situation. Lex was extremely pissed when he foundf out it was Jonn disguised as Superman. I mean, how often does he get Clark on his back? *teehee*
**Natch, Toyman screwed it up.
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