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Happy Birthday. Neb!

Today is the anniversary of the day the carbon-based liveform known as authoressnebula entered her current incarnation. And what an auspicious event! Writer, dancer, goddess of all things Spike-related and overall wonderful person-- Nebula is just plain awesome. She's also my 'wife', so anyone not bowing down in awe is gonna get a swift kicking from me. ^_~

Seriously, happy birthday, Neb! Hot off the sketch pad, I have your present, inspired by your James/Neb icon. ^_^ It's right about... here. I'm not very good at drawing men, but I tried. Spike is very pretty, anyway, so it was easier than, say, drawing Rambo. X_X;;; The concept of Spike dancing is a slightly scary one, but I'm sure William knew how to dance once upon a time. Erm, not that ballroom dancing is anything like ballet, but whatever. I hope I did more justice to you in this picture than in the last one. *grins* I hope you like it!

Otanjoubi Omedetou (happy birthday), Lamby-kins!
Tags: art-post, buffy, fanart, vampires

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