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Sex, Boomer, Memes, and Flash

"Why this constant preoccupation with sex?"
"Lack of occupation with sex."

-Charles and BJ, M*A*S*H


Tagged by authoressnebula:

If you had to have sex with two people: one from the same and another from opposite gender, who would it be? Answer then tag 6 people. No back tagging.

It's a tough question on both sides, for different reasons. I don't like guys, but if pressed I'd have to say Michael Rosembaum (of Smallville and Justice League). He seems like he'd be fun, you know? And he's not so much a guy as he is... Michael. *loves her Flashy lots*

In terms of women, I was initially torn between Natalie Portman (of Star Wars) and Grace Park (of Battlestar Galactica), but I think in the end I'd have to go with Grace Park. She's just got that something extra to her extreme hotness. ^_~;; Yummy.

And now I tag minttown1, moonspinner, mklutz, bibliotropic, miyeko, and yorda. Of course, no one has to do it if they don't want to.
Btw, Neb... you have excellent taste. Eliza is gorgeous, and James is so, so pretty.

Oh, and from yesterday's Justice League, "Knight of Shadows":
Flash says, "Fifth floor: gardening supplies, hardware, and evil sorceresses."

Dudes, best Flash quote yet!
Tags: battlestar, dc-verse, smallville, star-wars

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