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Oh, Sean, you were much more sane when you were crazy.

Okay, so is this new LJ navigation bar thingy not the most annoying thing on the planet?

Actually, it's not. But it's up there pretty close. *kicks LJ* I'm paying for the damn thing, make the stupid bar go AWAY.

Ahem. But that's really not what this entry is about. This entry is about The 4400, one of the few shows that manages to be really good even while it's being an absolute trainwreck.

Can someone give me the name of the writer(s) responsible for Sean and Isabelle doing the nasty? 'Cause I'm gonna find them and staple their hands to their butt. ARRGG! I saw it coming from a mile away, and it's possibly the stupidest thing the show has done. The girl may look nineteen, but she's chronologically two years old. Oh, Sean, you would not be having such severe lapses in judgement if Kyle was around to distract you with snarky remarks and his shaggy bangs. Shouldn't you be trying to get him out of jail, instead of having sex with someone who was a toddler a few weeks ago? Yeah.

And then she goes on a muderous rampage across town, and you're finally thinking-- "Oh, maybe that was a mistake." Duh-uh. You were more coherent when you were crazy.

Here's some advice from Lawrence Balter: ,"Self-centeredness is a natural outgrowth of one of the toddler's major concerns: What is me and what is mine...? This is why most toddlers are incapable of sharing ... to a toddler, what's his is what he can get his hands on.... When something is taken away from him, he feels as though a piece of him--an integral piece--is being torn from him."

On the upside, Matthew is dead, so it's not a total loss.

Speaking of crazy-- Hello, Kevin. I'm glad having your fingernails and teeth fall out is worth being able to shove a scalpel through your hand and heal it instantly. You really are lost without Tess, aren't you?

"Being Tom Baldwin" was a lukewarm episode for me-- it was okay, but not great. Oh, Tom, for such a dry character, the writers really do spend a lot of time on you, don't they? Tsk, tsk. Also, your wife? Not really as stable as she looks.

And then there was "Gone", which ripped my heart out and stomped it into the ground. I liked Lindsay, even though we never found out what her ability was. She had cool hair, and a lot of sass. I also liked the AquaTwins (Donny and Lynn?). I do not like these future people. No, sir. I'm glad I didn't watch this live, because I don't think I would have been able to stand a whole week knowing that the cute family unit of Diana-Maia-(and-Marco) had been split up. But Diana would totally go to those lengths to get her little girl back. "Sara" just better hope she never runs into Diana again. *nod, nod* So now Maia is back where she belongs, being cute and cryptic. Also, check out Marco and the flowers. He wanted to get lucky. There's an icon in there, somewhere. If I can find a cap, I'll make one for you, Amber. ^_^

Oh, what else... Richard is not coping well, is he? He's sort of careening through his life, and the biggest, most glaring thing he can focus on is "OMG, Sean had totally inappropraite sex with my daughter, who is also responsible for my wife's death, OMG". Richard, sweetie, your daughter also killed about four people, and is disturbingly bent on having her way. It's a good thing Lily isn't alive to see this.

Ilana, you are so emo, and not in the good way. Kyle emo-ed all over the place last season, and he didn't annoy me. You emo-ed all over one ep, and I was ready to choke you with your accent. Go back to your disturbing sex-life.

Does anyone know where Matthew came from? Was he some future-guy in hiding? I thought he was just a random power-hungry dude-- that whole "destroy the 4400" thing kinda came out of nowhere. Also, Isabelle-- grown men you don't know well should not be buying you lacy underthings from Victoria Secrets, okay? I realize you're naive, having recently been waddling about in diapers, but that one's kind of obvious.

To summarize: I'm loving some subplots and hating others. Sean and Isabelle should not be having sex. Sean/Kyle forever. Diana is one ass-kicking Mommy. Oh, and Marco is awesome.

This was in no way meant to be intelligent, because this show brings out the twelve-year old in me.
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