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*sings* East may be east, west may be west, but Tokyo's the town I love the best

Okay, so figuring out the Japanese Rail system is like trying to do calculus whilst being chased through a zombie-infested cemetery by flaming poodles. But I think I've got it down.

Meredith's Itinerary:
3:30 AM- Wake up, shower, dress comfortably, panic.
4:00 AM- Load the car, have Sam drive me down to the airport. Continue quietly panicking and checking everything.
4:45 AM- Arrive at airport. Get tickets, check baggage, eat. Tearful goodbye.
6:00 AM- Depart Cinci for Dallas/Fort Worth
7:15 AM- Arrive at Dallas/Fort Worth. Find something to do that will kill a few hours.
11:45 AM- Leave Dallas/Fort Worth for Osaka Kansai Kukou.
***insert unbelievably long plane ride here***
3:35 PM (Japan Time)- Arrive at Kansai Airport.

--> Take Kansai Haruka Express to Shin Osaka Station. (less than an hour)
--> Take Tokaido Line Hikari Express to Mishima Station. (2 1/5 hour ride)

... hopefully, I'll be able to call Yoko-san from the train a few stops before Mishima. She said she'd pick me up at Mishima, and we'll drive up to the village together.

God, I hope I can pull this off. *crosses fingers* Traveling in America isn't so much my worry as reading the Kanji and making sure I buy the right tickets in Japan. I mean, I worry about safety issues in America-- pickpockets, dirty old men in trench coats, my baggage being lost... but I more worry about losing me in Japan.

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