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"How does evil taste?" / "Kind of chalky."

I am inappropriately fixated with the animated Justice League ep(s), "A Better World". I say inappropriately because the jist of the two-parter is that Superman actually kills Lex Luthor, has a psychotic break, and drags the rest of the JL along for the ride. He basically decides to take over the world, and the League is disturbingly okay with that. Except for Flash, who vanishes-- there's a time-jump forward two years, and we're never told *exactly* what happens to him. Bu Evil!Flash is difficult to imagine (would he take over burger joints? demand cappuccino sacrifices?), so that's fine. Then the evil Justice League, now calling themselves the Justice Lords (kinky) decides to come to the cannon DCU and show our super heroes the error of their ways. They're decidedly put out.

The episode is a little jumpy in places, but it asks so many questions and is so tantalizing that I can't resist. Also, Evil!Batman? Dudes. And things like this just beg for fic. What happened to Nightwing? To Batgirl? To Timmy!Robin? Where's Alfred, and why doesn't he give Bruce the swift kicking he needs?

Because, you know, Dick would let Evil!Bruce rationalize him all the way down the path to darkness. He'd follow Bruce because, after requisite kicking and screaming, he almost always does, and I don't think he could bear to fight against Batman.* He'd go along with things, and it would kill him to watch Bruce destroy himself inch by inch, but he wouldn't be able to do anything to stop it. *wibbles* Oh, Dick.

And what, exactly, made Evil!Batman wake up one day and say, "Gee, I think I'll betray my family and friends and everything we believe in and just go all evil"? Actually, in the Lord'verse, Batman has sequestered himself away in the Cave for God only knows how long, so-- of all the Lords-- you can tell he's the one who's probably the least comfortable with what's going on. But he's doing it anyway. Why? What happened?

Incidentally, Te has some great fic speculating on just that**. But I want some Bruce/Dick from the Lord'verse. And I have this evil little bunny telling me what might have made Batman go... well, bat-shit.

Told you. Inappropriately fixated.

Probably gonna write dark fic about this eventually.

On that note, I leave you with not one but *two* Batmans. Look, they brood in stereo! *giggles*

*(There may be an AU comic out there that contradicts this, but whatever. Canon can bite me. ^_~)
**(There's a fair amount of Batman/Flash undertones floating around in these eps... not really my style, but it's kind of cute all the same.)
***(Oh, yeah, and the quote is from BtVS, season seven. Kennedy and Willow discussing Willow's own little crazy spell.)
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