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I try to take things one day at a time, but several days can attack at once

Is anyone having trouble reading this journal? The layout shows up fine in my Firefox and Safari, but I happened to log in on an old (4.5) Internet Explorer computer the other day and it was an absolute mess. So let me know if you're having trouble, okay? *frowns at HTML*

Japan Checklist:

  • pick up Yoko's gift
  • buy new shampoo
  • clean study
  • clean bedroom
  • clean computer room
  • clean off dining room table
  • register for fall classes
  • label backpack
  • get allgery shots
  • do laundry
  • buy pencil box
  • buy present for Wakami
  • get fresh video tapes
  • set VCR
  • clean out DVR
  • get ipod fixed
  • find camera stuff
  • clean out DVR
  • clean out purse
  • call Visa
  • pick up yen from bank

I can't believe I'm leaving in less than six days! X_x;;; I go back and forth between being incredibly excited and nervous as heck.
*woosh* ^_~
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