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Squee-filled and Osaka Bound

So... wow. I have to leave for the airport in less than four hours. My flight leaves at 6:00 am, and I have a four hour layover in Dallas. X_x;; I've reached that point of extreme point of anxiety and excitement where I can't wait to get over there, but I don't want to leave. Thrilled and terrified. Thank you, human brain, for being able to experience two completely contradictory emotions at the same time.

I really, really want this to go well. I have presents and food, more books than any normal person would travel with (eleven), a fresh sketchbook, clothes all packed, list all checked over...

I'm gonna miss you guys so, so much. You're all so awesome, and I love being able to hop online and see what all these awesome people I know are doing. ^_^ I'll probably be internet-less in Japan, as the village is really small. Gotenba (the nearest city) might have an internet cafe, but I don't think I'll be able to get down there much. It's only seventeen days. God, that seems like forever and at the same time no length at all.

But, if any of you are up around two o'clock tomorrow morning, send some good thoughts out to me. I'll be trying to catch the shinkansen in Osaka. *sweats*

Hopefully I'll have some great stories to tell when I got back. *hugs everyone*

Some individual messages:
Leigh-darling: Stay safe as you commute in DC, don't work to hard, and write something! ^_~ *huggles*
Amber: Your OT3 drabble was so awesome. I've been meaning to tell you that-- it rocked so hard. You nailed our boys, and I loved how you managed to write a fourth of july fic about three guys who aren't even from the US. Also, you always bring out the bext of Carlos-- how he's the leader of the team, but somehow always on the outside. I'll see if I can't pick you up something Wild-Adapter-related while in Japan. ^_^
Neb: *snuggles and gropes* I hope your muse starts being more cooperative. Dance pretty, okay? Love you, lambykins.
Leia_N: Here's hoping I can bring back some AW inspiration. And I've downloaded some of Thwarted Fate to entertain me on the plane. Whee.

*bounces, flails, squees*
This is Meredith, signing out. I'll be back on August 10th. Until then, don't do anything I wouldn't do-- if you do, take pictures. ^_~

Ps. "Frank, I brought you something back from Tokyo. It's a MacArthur doll! Wind him up, and he returns from anywhere."
-Hawkeye Pierce, "Welcome to Korea" (Part One), M*A*S*H
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