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Tadaima! (-or- OMGyeshome)

This is Meredith, coming to you live from her own special time zone. ^_~ I'm home! Early, yes, but that doesn't mean my trip didn't go well. Yoko-san's found out her mother was having some minor surgery on the 3rd, and she wanted to be there for her. It's nothing serious, thank God, but I totally understood, and changed my plans so that I left the village on the 2nd and stayed over night in Narita, where I got a taste of city life and some truly awesome shopping. ^_^;; I actually got home on Friday-- I flew in to Chicago/O'Hare, which was a nightmare (they misplaced my luggage! near gave me a heart attack before they found it again!). Sam was there to pick me up, and we just got in the car and did the five hour drive home straight through.

But, aside from the nonsense in O'Hare (which I really don't consider as part of the trip), I had an unbelievably wonderful time. I spent three days with Wakami-chan, visited some temples and shrines, and just generally had resortative chance to slip into village-paced life. Very refreshing, and full of Japanese practice for me.

All the same, I'm relieved to be home, and kinda glad I won't be missing my birthday. ^^;;; I've spent the last forty eight hours in an almost coma-like state, waking only for food and other bodily needs. But I think I'm starting to feel more human again. *stretches*

*huggles everyone* And I'm so glad to 'see' y'all again! ^___^
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