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UFO's and my birthday-- logically related subjects.

So, I think I am now fit for the company of reasonably sane persons-- and since I'll only ever be *reasonably* sane, it works out well. ^_~) Seriously, I've slept and slept until I'm sure I can't sleep any more (as evidenced by the fact I keep getting up at two a.m. to watch UFO specials on Sci Fi*), and then a few hours later? I'm zonked out on the couch.

*Seriously, Amber, right off the planet *giggles*

As a result, I was up on the actual minute-to-minute anniversary of my birth-- 4:55 am this morning. X_x;;; Sam, the girls and I went out last night to celebrate early, since he had teacher-in-service stuff he has to do today. We had a really good time, and I got to wear my fancy sparkly dress which I bought back in January and have yet to have an actual reason to wear. But going to a nice restaurant was a good enough substitute. He and the girls bought me a doll from China via Ebay, which I seem to find inappropriately funny.

Now, I'm going out to the local Japanese restaurant with a friend to celebrate again. I just wanted to pop back up and let you know that I haven't melted into the carpeting, or anything. *huggles* More later! And I will actually get caught up on my Friend's List!

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