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And whee, now my journal is red. I had a devil of a time finding a red icon to go with it-- I eventually just sort of cheated and tinted a pic of River. *points to the side* Still, Summer Glau is extremely cool. She has to be, to be the only saving grace in Mamoth. (Did anyone else see that? It was bizarre.)

I seem to have switched back to my pre-Japan sleeping schedule, for the most part. Unfortunately, this schedule is in no way related to the motions of the sun, or the society in which I live. ^^; I go to bed around two a.m., sleep until six, get up and do something for a few hours, go back to sleep around eleven. From there, I'm out until about six, after which I stay up until two all over again.
... okay, so maybe I haven't recovered from Japan. ^^;

I'm still waiting for my substitute teacher's license to come back from the State Board of Education. I applied back in June, but these things take time (all that red tape! X_x). Still, the local elementary school starts back on the 22nd, and I'd like to be able to call the principal and tell her I'm available to start whenever she needs someone. I'll have a month to sub before I go back to class, at which point I'll cut back to days I don't have to go downtown. Tyrone is doing her student teaching under Mrs. A this year, which will be neat, and they've opened a second M.H, Unit do to the influx of kids. The new unit will be K-1, and Mrs. A will run the 2-3.

Not much going on, elsewise. I'm watching the first half of Smallville season two, which I've never seen before. I actually went back and watched "Vortex" as a refresher, and squee-d all over the scene where Lex fixes Clark's tie. There's a scene like that between Subaru and Seishiro (I think?) in CLAMP's X manga. Tie-fixing is teh ultimate gay subtext, my friends. ^_~ I also liked how, in "Heat", Clark is incredibly disgruntled when he discovers he's suddenly not the center of Lex's attention anymore. Pout Clark, pout!

Also watching Rat Patrol, in small doses. Oh, Moffit-- I know you're desparately in love with Troy, but you need to stop bringing him strange German women, okay? Not healthy. I *heart* Hitch to death and want to take him home with me.

*sigh* I've been trying to write, but haven't been having much luck. I feel the itch, but it won't solidify yet. *whacks Carol* You had a bleedin' vacation already!

As you were, ^_~
Tags: clex, dc-verse, firefly, mh-unit, rat-patrol, slash, smallville, superman

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