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27 August 2006 @ 07:54 pm
The Ballad of Kevin and Tess  
*grabs onto Amber's arm and hugs it* Amber, oh my god-- I finally got a chance to see "The Ballad of Kevin and Tess". *wibbles* Even though I'm thoroughly pissed with the writers for certain crimes re a puppy-person we all know and love, I loved Kevin and Tess. Loved them and their science-experiment-skin-falling-off- stealing-people's-cars-former-psychiatric-patient love. *points to icon*

Also, Isabelle must die, but whatever. Nothing new.

I'm not gonna be caught up in time to catch the season finale live, but. TALK TO ME, AMBER. ^_~

Summer Glau is awesome.
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Amber: the 4400 | kyle/shawnminttown1 on August 28th, 2006 12:01 am (UTC)
Meredith. First of all, yes.

Secondly. Last week. Last week had the absolute best Kevin/Tess scene (I love them both so much), and it also had other very important things. Please tell me when you've seen last week's episode, heh.

Oh man. I do not even know what to say that isn't spoilery here, but yes. You and I are going to have to talk about this show once you've finished the season up. :)
Meredith Bronwen Mallory: 4400garnettrees on August 28th, 2006 12:23 am (UTC)
Please tell me when you've seen last week's episode, heh.
I play on catching up tonight and tomorrow. We really will have to talk about all the craziness this season-- I've missed discussing the show with you!

This is my summary of the Sean/Isabelle Arc as I understand it:
ISABELLE: I like you.
SEAN: Er, I like you too.
ISABELLE: Let's have sex.
SEAN: This is extremely ill-advised, but okay.
ISABELLE: Now I'm going to kill random people 'cause I'm cranky.
SEAN: I think I want to break up.
ISABELLE: Let's get married!
SEAN: I don't want to marry you, I want to break up.
ISABELLE: Should we have white or chocolate cake?

On the upside, I *knew* Kevin would go back to Tess like some sort of wacky homing pigeon. And Tess reading "Alice in Wonderland"? Perfect.
Amber: the 4400 | kyle/shawnminttown1 on August 30th, 2006 02:26 am (UTC)
Haha! That is exactly how that relationship went. Hee. :D