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Don't Make Any Plans For the Next Epoch

Blah. Kinda depressed right now, for no real concrete reason. Just one of those nights, I guess. Those nights when it seems too dark outside and the streetlights look almost fluorescent-- when no matter how loud you turn up the stereo, it doesn't seem to help.

I'm debating redoing my LJ layout. Does anyone know how to put pretty banners up on presets like Component and Opal Libra?

Went and saw The Wicker Man with Sam today, came out feeling like having a human sacrifice, my own self. ^_~/^^; It's fairly safe to say the writers had major issues with women. [sarcasm]Of course any female oriented society would be insane and murderous[/sarcasm]. Whatever. *waves around the one-fingered salute*

On the upside, I learned today that, when John Adams died, his last words were in regards to the fact he was torqued off that Thomas Jefferson was going to outlive him. Little did he know that ol' Tommy had died five hours earlier in Virginia. Also, the founding fathers prepared everything for George Washington's inauguration, but they forgot the Bible. They had to borrow one at the last minute.
Dudes, the Fouding Fathers were an imperfect lot with a great deal of ego floating about, but I have so much love for them sometimes. Better to see them as human.

Also, in roughly ten billion years, our galaxy is gonna collide with Andromeda. In case anyone had plans, or anything.

*wanders off to find something to do*

ETA: Amber, I just got your email. Zombies cheer me up!
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