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"I've seen those eyes before// superstitious and misleading..."

So, the last few days have seemed really busy even though, looking back, I'm not sure what-- if anything-- I accomplished. Whee-- or not.

And now we bring you random facts in a random order:

  • Has anyone else seen Kingdom Hospital? I have only seen the first three episodes, but so far it seems to make absolutely no sense. I'm very confused, and the only thing keeping me watching is the cute little creepy girl, Mary.
  • I've been having computer problems. Not with this one (*knock on wood*), but with my big desktop computer, which is about four years old. Ancient, in computer terms. The Tech people won't even talk to me about it, it's so out of date. *sigh*
  • Dick Grayson remains my favorite DC character *ever*. Followed closely by Kon and Tim, but still-- Nightwing is my number one woobie. *squish*
  • Class starts the 21st. I am in no way prepared to be responsible again. ^^;;
  • But, this is my very last year, thank you God.
  • The more I watch Dead Like Me, the more I love it, especially the relationship between George and Rube. He's very fatherly towards her, but at the same time trying to keep some authority, and he's obviously not a guy who is at all open. And, clearly, having a conversation with him can at times be like juggling bowls of flaming mashed potatoes while balancing on a unicycle sitting on a giant turtle.
  • *whines* Is it time for the new season of Battlestar Galactica yet?
  • I've been trying to write, but Carol is so far from cooperating, it's not even funny.
  • My brother and I go to the same dentist. And yet, for some reason, Dr. R is very nice to my brother and kinda nasty to me. *shrugs* I can't figure it.
  • I seem to have inherited my mother and grandfather's bad teeth. I brush all the damned time and they still found two cavities at my cleaning on Tuesday. *huffs*
  • Oh, but I found The Lurker in the Threshold by H.P. Lovecraft and August Delerth, which is one of the few Lovecraft books I'm missing. So that's shiny.

Tags: batman, battlestar, dc-verse, dead-like-me, horror, lovecraft

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