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Technology is great... when it works

I just finished transferring all my information from my old laptop (Nuyet) to my new one, Jael. (Yes, I name my laptops. I'm weird.) Considering that Nuyet came with 10 GB and was down to 996 MB, it was about time-- not to mention the fact it's some four years old. An older timer, but computer standards, especially for a Mac. Jael has 55 GB, which gives me a little more room to stretch.

I really dislike transfering stuff, though. It's such a nerve-wrecking experience, even though I back things up three separate times. But *knock on wood* it seems to have gone well. My email program is acting a little funny, but I'm hoping it'll settle down.

Whew, I'm exhausted. It's scary to think just how delicate all this information is-- it's not exactly something you can hold in your hand.

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