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Flowers, Painting, and Aliens

It's been a while since I've inflicted my art on you guys (for which I'm sure you're profoundly grateful ^_~), and I might even delete this entry, since I keep changing my mind as to whether or not these two pictures are fit to be seen. When I first started drawing (way back in the Jurassic era*), I worked only in watercolors. I'm not sure why I chose that media-- I was passable at it, but I've since found that I work better with dry materials like marker and colored pencil. The other day, however, I discovered a new product at the local art store. Watercolor pens-- ie, the paint is up inside the pen, and you just dip it in water to dillute it. I couldn't help myself; I bought four. I had some watercolor pencils at home, so I used those as well. These are the results. Just paintings of flowers, really, which seems so boring, but the current method I use for drawing people really wouldn't transfer. And I wanted a quick experiment:

Bleeding Hearts-- (aka dicentra spectabillis) The two biggest blossoms turned out nicely. I'm not thrilled with the background.

Wildflower Bouquet-- (alpine snowbells, snow buttercups, round-lobed heptica, violets, and erect trilliums**) I'm much more pleased with this one, even though it seems so typical. *sigh* Alpine snowbells are not blue, but I took some liberties. *hand-wavey*

I don't have much else to show for the weekend, aside from the fact I'm now on page 383 of The Tommyknockers. The book is *so* much better than the movie, probably because Traci Lords is not heaving her bossoms about in a postal worker's uniform. Thank god for small mercies. ^_~

*Seriously, I was in eighth grade, and so, so bad at it. And so emo. Lots of girls lying on top of gravestones and people bleeding all over the place. X_x;;; No wonder my mother forbade me from taking my sketchbook to school.
**'Erect Trilliums' sound really perverted. ^^; Bad Meredith, no cookie.
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