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Status Report, Stardate Who-in-the-hell-cares. ^_^

Just a post to say that I'm sorry if I've been kind of incommunicado lately. ^_^ I haven't been sucked off the planet by aliens, or run off to Okinawa to become a pearl-diver. (Though I've been tempted. ^_~) I've just been kind of depressed lately and, rather than inflict that on you guys, I've been reading a lot (finished The Tommyknockers, started in on Doris Lessing's The Fifth Child) and taking naps when I can.

But dudes, I hate getting behind on all the cool stuff you guys are doing, so here I am. *hugs* There's actually quite a few fannish things to be excited about. Heroes looks interesting, and there's new BSG this Friday. Whee!

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