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BSG! *woot*

Oh, my god. It's been so long since we've had new BSG episodes, and yet the season premiere pulled me right back into the story and reminded me why I love this show with such an insane passion.

I don't even know where to start, so this may seem kind of random. Okay, okay... Starbuck, let's start with Starbuck. When she was interrogating the freaky-religious!cylon (sorry, can't remember his name or number) before, I didn't really catch all that much of a disturbing sexual undercurrent, but... wow. Her little Susey Homemaker jail cell is just scary. I loved it so, so much when she stabbed him and killed him with the fork, even though she knew it wasn't gonna do any good. And he said that was the fifth time! Kara is one determined s-oh-b. I love it. If I'd been her, and hubby!cylon had brought Kasey to me, I would have just started screaming and never, ever stopped. I honestly think he pushed Kasey down the stairs while Kara was in the bathroom. And I hope, *hope* Kara has a plan and isn't falling into his trap. I could see her caring about the kid, but I don't think she'd hold his hand without some alterior motive.
Also, he *made* her a little kid. Cylons are weird.

I love Sam, the Chief, and Saul in their struggle and squalor, still warriors even though they don't have uniforms or weapons, or even a real plan aside from Saul's 'let's kill people, whee!'. But you know, I really felt for him, for the first time since that episode with Adama's flashback. His faith in "The Old Man" is unshakable, you have to give him props for that. I'm not crazy about Tyrol marrying and siring a child for Cally, but I'll go with it. I'm just not so sure he'd be that quick to forgive the woman who shot his Sharon, Cylon or no. But I like Daddy!Tyrol.

And, okay, Ellen is not a Cylon-- she's just a big 'ho. But we all knew that anyway. ^_~

What else? I just about squee-d myself to death when I saw Adama and Helo's Sharon sitting there having coffee on a couch in her *cell*. It's so strange and yet so perfect for her to become his confessor. We saw the seeds of it in the past season, and it's come to a lovely fruition here. Also, she married Helo! I'm actually a fairly big Tyrol/Sharon girl, but that still tickles me. Speaking of married, Apollo and Duala? X_x;;; Oh, Duala, I bet you're wishing you'd taken Billy's debate team ring now, huh? Apollo seems to be doing his old!William Shattner impression. Oish.

As for the original Galactica!Boomer, I think she's gotten caught in a web of her own making. She and Six seemed to think they could just force a union between humans and cylons, and it ain't working. It's escalating, and the other models (especially the Threes) have hijacked things. I actually liked Six being possessive and protective of Guias, though. I think the Guias from the mini-series would be shocked, but this older (but no wiser!) Guias seems to like it, too.

And Rosalin. I love her stability, her unwavering strength. That scene with her and Tom in the truck? It was priceless; an amiable conversation against former enemies. It sort of echoed the end of A Tale of Two Cities, which I enjoyed. Did you guys see? When the Centurions came, Tom actually tugged Rosalin behind him a little bit. It's details like that-- they fill me with happiness at the attention to characterization.

Also, Geta is the informant. And his name is Felix! *giggles* Doggie bowls.

... I have clearly devolved into mindless fangirl babbling, so I'll close by saying that I can't wait 'til next Friday. Awesomeness.
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