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Happy Amber-Day!

Today is the twenty-first anniversary of the day the wonderful, awesome entity known as Amber (minttown1) finished her period of gestation in the womb and emerged as her own separate (and unbelievably cool) carbon-based lifeform. Aficionado of zombies and other unliving organisms, champion of squiddies, high-priestess of improbable but oddly attractive pairings-- that's our Amber. She's also savvy, smart, and able to cut through political bullshit in a single bound!

So, to celebrate the day, I drew this: The Dragon's Horde. The little baby's name is Drayce (which is Old English for 'dragon'-- how very subtle of me X_x;;;) and, though she may have been abandoned by her human parents, she has a loving family all the same. 'Cause ohana means family-- no matter what.

The dragons don't have names, except for the little blue one, which is called 'Irth'. You can name the rest if you so choose, my dear. ^_^

Happy twenty-first, Amber!
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