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"I don't know, it makes me feel all manly."

Okay. Meredith + hours examining biblical text= massive headache and desire to slaughter anything vaguely related to the patriarchy. Why am I taking this class?

Oh. Because I have to.

So, I decided to make myself feel better by making up a pointless poll! Bring on the senseless violence! X_X;;;

Poll #861776 Villain Death Match!

Who wins in a fight: Angelus or Darth Vader?

Oh, please. That's not even a legitimate question. Vader-- DUH!
Depends, are lightsabers involved?
Lightsabers or no, Angel's a pounce!
Dudes, Vader wouldn't even waste his time on Angelus

Okay, okay. I'll be serious now. Who wins: Vader, or Magneto?

Magneto controls metal. He'd crush Vader like that. *snaps*
Vader would totally cut Magneto in half before he could do that!
It's a draw. Vader's pissy about Padme. Magneto is pissy about Charles. The universe explodes.
You are a total dork, you know that, right?

Lex Luthor vs Spike-- who wins?

Is it a streetfight? Spike's about to pound Lex, Clark saves him at the last minute.
Is it a corporate take-over? Lex owns Spike's ass.
Are you kidding? They go out, get smashed, have scary power-play sex in the back of Spike DeSoto.
You're breaking my brain, here.

Six vs Drusilla; who wins?

They're both cryptic at each other-- nothing is resolved. As usual.
Doesn't matter. Lots of bloodplay sex ensues.
Doesn't matter. Gaius sleeps with both of them, 'cause he's a manwhore.
Um... that's just scary.

Brainiac (SV version) vs Spike?

Um... *drools* I'm sorry, what was the question?
*squeel* JAMES!
Gotta go with the accent, baby.
I'm leaving now, because you're hurting my head.

Vote now, before Meredith starts trying to figure out whether or not you can clone zombies! X_X;;;

Three essay questions down, three to go.
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