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Can't swing a dead cat without hitting a Cylon

Yes, Battlestar Galactica raised some very complex moral issues last night, and maybe it did cop out a little bit at the end, but it was well written and full of character development. So, what's on my mind?
Ohh, hehehe! Rosalin called Adama 'Bill'!

I am perfectly willing to admit that I should probably still be in kindergarten. ^_~ Those two are so weird together, but I adore their weirdness.

Also-- Sharon fumbling with Helo's belt? Oddly erotic. Go victory sex in the med bay!

Oh, Gaius, you are so very strange, and also a manwhore, but I actually believe you when you say you love Six. *blinks* So what's with D'Ana macking on Caprica's man?

Do you hear that sound in the distance? That's the sound of fangirls relishing Lee's state of I-am-no-longer-fat. Drink up, ladies. ^_^

I'm still curious to see what's going on with Boomer!Sharon, as apposed to Athena!Sharon.
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