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Sex, Lies, and Threesomes

This season of BSG has a very different tone to it than the first two, but I'm still loving it. Loving it so very much, in fact, even if they're not showing enough of Boomer!Sharon for my tastes. But Athena!Sharon is equally cool, and I love how she's actually become part of Galactica's crew.

As for this week's episode... oh, Guias, it's really very sad that your sex life is actually the least complicated thing about you. I knew the cylons were all about community identity, but I am really, really surprised to see Caprica sharing Guias with D'Ana. But there they were, all puppy-piled in bed. Am I the only one getting some Caprica/D'Ana vibes, lately?

Also, where's Hera? Isis, whatever they're calling her.

Speaking of other groups of three that are cute. I love Rosalin and Adama's dynamic-- the two world weary soldiers that carry on, trying to do what's best for their people, drawing strength from each other, finally trusting each other enough to be a little childish with each other. I also love Adama and Ty, because they have such a history together. I think they're actually starting to mend things, though Saul deserves a thrashing for deliberately telling Bulldog when he knew Adama hadn't gotten up the courage yet. *kicks Saul*

I love seeing Helo in the CIC for some reason. And they mentioned Billy, which makes me ridiculously happy. Poor Billy. *hugs zombie!Billy*

I'm sad we have to wait two weeks for more. *pouts* Even if the episode looks kinda cracktastic.
who has, for some reason, also started watching Dr. Who. X_x;; I think it's Rose.
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