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Update From the Trenches

I'm so sorry I missed wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, be it here or in answering your own posts. Life has taken a truly unexpected turn. On Tuesday evening, my mother fell in a parking lot, up in Rhode Island. A first, details were kind of sketchy-- we only knew that she'd broken her elbow. I left Sam and the girls here, and went up on my own, on the theory it would be quicker trying to navigate holiday traffic alone. I was extremely lucky to get up there as fast as I did. At first, the hospital said they weregoing to keep her overnight, perform surgery in the morning, and let my mother go home. No such luck-- her surgery was delayed until evening, when they inserted a metal plate and six screws in her left elbow. We only found out what they were doing after the surgery was completed. My mother reacted poorly to the surgery, and had to be kept overnight on oxygen. Then she developed a fever, and then pneumonia. So, another night in the hospital.

I spent Thanksgiving evening with her in the hospital, and Thanksgiving day with the extended family I've been trying so hard to avoid. Without my mother there to 'protect' me, it was pretty much a free-for-all session of Pick On Meredith. (So glad most my family doesn't know I'm a dyke; my other life choices cause them enough tittering disconcertion and attempted 'interventions' already. @_@;;) Add to that family members who-- despite the fact I am clearly listed as my mother's emergency contact and in charge of all medical decisions when she is not able to make them-- seemed to think they were qualified to make decisions for my mother... well, yeah.

My mom and I are back at her place now, which is much, much better than the hospital. And the staff is probably relieved, as they were getting tired of me terrorizing them. (I don't do it on purpose, but my mom doesn't call me her 'little bulldog' for nothing. I don't have class until Tuesday morning, so I may not leave until Monday afternoon, depending on what type of tickets I can get.

So, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, as you all deserved. I hope to catch up on you guys soon!

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