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The Click-Clack of the Keyboard (2006 Fic Year in Review)

It's that time of year again. I mean, aside from the time to drink a lot, snog someone you don't know, and wake up in the morning with no memory of the past week. ^_~ (it's never happened to me, but there's plenty of fic about it! *grins*)

Actually, it's time for me to be anal and dutifully record all the fics I've managed this year. I have a feeling, even before I get started, that I haven't been all that productive this year. *frowns at self* Which is why I'm including a little written-but-not-posted section, if only to make myself feel better. Heh.

And so, without further ado....

2006: A Fic Year in Review

  • The Body in Falling Stars-- [Smallville, Clark/Lex] January 19th, 2006 (here)
    (This was a weird, fever-dream story, but I actually like it. I feel like I got fairly close to keeping Lex IC. I did a hell of a lot better than SV writers have recently, anyway. *snerk* Not that I'm bitter.)
  • World Shaking Down Pro/21-- [Smallville, Clark/Lex] February 7th, 2006 (here)
    (Who can resist putting Smallville and Lois & Clark in a blender and setting it on 'puree'?)
  • World Shaking Down 1/21-- [Smallville, Clark/Lex] February 10th, 2006 (here)
    (I am actually still working on this. I'm just slow. Like, glacial shift slow. ^^;)
  • Faces in the Passageway 4/?-- [Star Wars; Vader/Padme] April 13th, 2006 (here)
    And who'd have thought I'd ever actually touch this fic again? I was so happy to have managed more. Crazy.
  • Faces in the Passageway 5a/?-- [Star Wars; Vader/Padme] April 21st, 2006 (here)
    And more still! It's nice to actually know where this story is going. ^_^
  • Faces in the Passageway 5b/?-- [Star Wars; Vader/Padme] May 4th, 2006 (here)
    Carol is a feast-or-famine type of muse. -_-;;;
  • Voices Carry 1/1-- [Batman; Bruce/Dick] June 28th, 2006 (here)
    I have no idea why I find this pairing so addictive. I blame the dark-n-gothic animated Batman. Actually pretty pleased with this one, though-- especially the unusual POV.
  • The Red Truck Affair 1/?-- [DC/Smallville; Tim/Kon, Clark/Lex, Bruce/Dick] August 18th, 2006 (here)
    This started out as something of a lark and, while I still have every intention of going for humor, some serious elements did work their way in. Kon is so much love.
  • The Red Truck Affair 2/?-- [DC/Smallville; Tim/Kon, Clark/Lex, Bruce/Dick] August 22nd, 2006 (here)
    I love slightly-evil!Lex trying to win Clark back. It's just so much fun!
  • The Red Truck Affair 3/?-- [DC/Smallville; Tim/Kon, Clark/Lex, Bruce/Dick] November 11th, 2006 (here)
    At least I've been able to keep up with this storyline. ^_^;;
  • Veteran Dreams 1/1-- [Spander; Xander-Willow Friendship] (forthcoming public post)
    Written for my darling Neb, for Christmas. It's moody, but I like it.

    Works in Progress:
  • attheplanet.cwk
    (about a page and a half of the next part of 'World Shaking Down'.)
  • fromwhere7.cwk
    (The next chapter of 'From Where Ever I Am To You', completed. But I'm determined not to post more of the story until I finish the whole damn thing.)
  • fromwhere8.cwk
    (four pages of Chapter 8 of 'From Where Ever'. see above.)
  • red4.cwk
    (four pages of the next chapter of 'The Red Truck Affair'. almost finished.)
  • warsong.cwk
    Ten pages of a Star Wars fic I've never been able to bring myself to post, as it's so far away from what I usually write.
  • pleiades.cwk
    Two pages of a weird Doctor Who fic. Nine/Rose, Ten/Rose, and Meredith's layman fascination with physics.

On-Shot Fics: 3
Continued Fics: 8
Total: 11
Bits 'n Bobs: 6

...Wow. That was really kind of pathetic, wasn' it? X_x;; I guess, looking back, that RL this year was kind of tumultuous, though it didn't feel that way at the time. I definitely hope to write more in 2007! *frowns at self*
Tags: batman, buffy, dc-verse, doctor-who, fanfiction, l&c, smallville, star-wars, superman

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