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Out goes the Dog, in comes the Pig...

It's hard to believe another year has gone by. It feels like they're going faster all the time, which must mean I'm getting old. ^^; The last half of 2006 was a little dodgy but, over-all, the Year of the Dog was pretty good to me. I went to Japan again, survived Ullman (and pulled off Dean's List while I was at it! @_@;;), found a job I really love, and knocked off the first quarter of my last year of university. I have a lot of wonderful people in my life-- some dearly loved friends, and some exciting new ones, not to mention the return of some people I never thought I'd hear from again. I'm amazingly blessed, not only in RL but here-- where I have a little niche and an understanding group of people I can talk and joke with.

So, as the Year of the Pig approaches, I can only smile and hope she'll be even more kind to my friends than she is to me. This is 'aught seven, which makes me just boggle sometimes. It seems so science fiction-y. Seniors at Sam's school are calling themselves the Class of Double-Oh-Seven, or the Class of Bond. *smiles* What a crazy world we live in.

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year. If 2006 wasn't kind to you, then shame on her. Here's to a bright and hopeful 2007. *raises glass*

Finest kind, girls. Finest kind.

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