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Words Attributed To No One

Classes don't actually start until tomorrow, but I'm down on campus buying books and generally sorting out last minute nonsense like billing and credit. I noticed something on the way down.

Down on I71 just before the Taft exit is an old garage-door factory. I don't know if it's in opperation any more or not-- it could be just storage, because it's not completely run-down. Anyway, on the side facing the highway, someone spray painted a epitaph. It reads:

Habeas Corpus

This makes part of me want to cry, and another part of me just want to hug the person who wrote it. Even if I don't completely agree with the politics of it, I guess its the boldness that strikes me. I don't know why the statement, and the fact it's graffiti on some old wall, moves me so. Huh.

off to actually get something done now
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