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09 January 2007 @ 09:35 am
Don't Spill the Petri Dish!  
Heh. Meredith spent her weekend with her DVDs of Lois and Clark, Season Four. It's definitely the kookiest of all the seasons, but no more bizarre than the comics. Nothing gets anywhere near the crack that is DC! Still, my favorite season is the first, mostly because it has the classic set up, with Lex Luthor as the Bad Guy. SV's Lex Luthor is now my official 'cannon' Lex (*chants* clex, clex, clex...), but I do like John Shea's Luthor. He so obviously enjoys being evil, but he's got this geeky streak that you see too, occassionally. Like in "Vatman", when Clone!Superman (created by Luthor) turns on Lex and leaves to fight the good fight. Lex stands in the ruins of his lab and shakes his head. "You feed them, you guide them, you raise them up from a petri dish--- then, one day, they grown up. And the phone never rings."

Still, I love my SV Lex. *squish*

My class schedule *still* isn't sorted out, but I'm hoping to have that remedied by tomorrow. As it looks right now, I have a lot of downtime. Not as much as last quater when I was down here once a week with nothing to do from noon to six, but still. I have two hours down here before my first class (the bus schedule spares no one!) and then an hour in between each of my three classes. I have a fourth class that's being offered all day for three Saturdays this quarter (Spirituality and Mysticism), and another class I'm hoping to squeeze on Tuesday evenings. We'll see how that works out.
I'm gonna graduate even if it kills me. And it just might.

Nothing else to add, save that Doctor Who Series Two comes out on the 12th. On their own, I think I like Nine better than Ten, but when it comes to their interactions with Rose-- I just can't decide!
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