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Bowls: literal, metaphorical, and demonic

So I went to the campus library this morning, fully intending to use my two hours before class to work on my Soldiers Fought midterm, and lo and behold... the server is down. And here I was, prepared to be all productive and stuff! *sigh* Thwarted again. It's due tomorrow, so I still have time to work on it.

Today, in Demonology, we learned how to trap a demon in a bowl. Not just any bowl, but an Aramaic incantation bowl-- I'm not sure how it would work with Walmart brand flatware. ^_~
...Sometimes, I love my college education. ^____^

Also, Amber's baby horsies won the Superbowl. (Can we trap demons in a superbowl? I'll have to ask. *is very silly today*)

Nap time!

Ps. It is so cold that the Diet Pepsi (which I keep out in the garage) I just opened has little ice bits floating in it. >_<;;
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