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It's a reproductive organ. GET OVER IT.

WARNING: FEMINIST RANTING AHEAD. Believe it or not, I don't hate all men. Just the ones on this obscene gendered power-trip. Also, I know that not all Christians adhere to the orthodox ideas I'm tearing into, here. I'm just trying to vent.

Okay-- I was trying to let this go. I had some work I wanted to get done over my hour break. But, silly me, I made the mistake of checking on the Demonology class discussion board to see what was going on. I mentioned earlier that some guy made a post saying that 'man's greatest battle is for sexual purity; woman's greatest battle is to accept she must submit to man'.
"Submit to man"!? Bull shit.

I posted back, managing to reign in my anger and point of the illogic in this arguement. A) The Bible was written in a society that constructed men as the 'dominant' gender, and of course reflects such; B) this directly contradicts the idea of God as loving and just, as no loving/just God would create one half of a species to 'submit' to the other; C) man is not genetically structured to be any more of a 'leader' than woman is. But there I was, being silly again, because I was using logic.

Some other guy jumped in and said that women naturally want to submit to men because they are upset they don't have penises. Women, he said, "feel vulnerable because they don't have one [a penis], and want a man to stick around and protect the family with his." Oh, yeah, the fearsome penis. I'm trembling, alright. With disgust!

The problems with this Freudian line of arguement are endless; A) so, what, women can't protect their families because they don't have a penis?; B) why would you feel vulnerable without a penis? I'd feel more vulnerable with one! It's on the outside after all, and relatively easy to dismember; C) Freud had his own issues, which need to be carefully examined-- not only the cultural and historical context of his writings, but also the fact he was by no means a detatched observer. He had issues, too! (Clearly.)

For the last time, dudes: I DON'T WANT A PENIS. I never have, and I never will! I like my vagina. It's well-constructed, serves multiple purposes, and is nicely tucked up away inside me. I'm sorry to get so graphic, but I don't understand why some men are so completely obsessed with their genitals. It's an organ! It's like your liver, or your stomach, or your spleen! Stimulating the tastebuds gives pleasure, the same way stimulating the genitals gives pleasure. Okay, so it's not as good as sex (well, maybe chocolate), but it's all a matter of degree. As I stated perviously, I am rather fond of having a vagina, but my life does not revolve around it.

Both guys wrote these comments saying that they wanted to help me "understand woman's place" in the scheme of things. Okay, so let's assume for just a moment that there is an all powerful smite-you-damn-you God up there, and that he did make women to be subordinate to men. (Terrifying. It's a good thing we're only pretending.) Even if you were to give me incontravertible proof of such, I would not care. I would rather go to hell and burn there forever than follow such a facist, oppressive proclamation. If that's what God is really like that, then he's not God-- he's just a big playground bully, and he can bite my ass.

But guess what? It makes no sense for God to be like that. An all powerful supreme being would: A) have no sex or gender, as both are finite concepts; B) love and empathize with all Her/His/Its creations, and never create a group simply to suffer under the yoke of another; C) be incredibly unfathomable to our mortal minds-- as such, communication would be limited on this plane, and would require altered conciousness to obtain.

And people ask me why we still need feminism! Ha!
Actually, at this point, a baseball bat would probably be good, too.
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