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Not Exactly New England Crabs

Alright-- so I'm on the bus, and we're driving down the main highway into Cinci. I'm staring out the window, listening to my iPod, when this huge 18-wheeler comes to pace with us. There's a bumper sticker on the bottom right of the driver's side window. It says:

"I Got My Crabs From Dirty Dick's Crab House!"

I really don't think there's anything to add to that.


Ps. Oh! And I was in Wal-Mart the other days, when I saw multi-colored fruit gummies in Superman shapes! Lex Luthor's head was purple! *is happy, 'cause SV!Lex loves purple* And Lois' head was an ugly orange, which I found very appropriate. Ha. ^_^
Tags: dc-verse, silly-things, smallville, superman

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