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and she slinks back in...

*waves* Hello, I'm Meredith. You might vaguely remember me from those bygone days when I actually used to get on LJ and post, keep up with my friends, and...

And seriously, guys, I have been an awful, awful friend as of late. I don't have any excuses, just explanations-- mainly two. The first is that finals week turned out to be finals month (eviiiiil), and it ate be alive even as I kicked, screamed, and hollered abuse at it. The second is that my family has been having some issues recently, which I'm not really at liberty to discuss, except to say that the guy who sired me is quite possibly one of the most useless beings on the planet. Orchestrated evil is no match for natural, selfish stupidity. ^^;;

Anyway, I've been very terrible, and I've missed you guys a lot. Things just got so crazy, so fast-- I had no warning. Please forgive me. I still owe Leia_N an email, I've been so disastrously neglectful of my lambykins that I couldn't blame her if she wanted a divorce; I haven't been around for Amber, or for Leigh, even though I miss talking to you guys something fierce. *sigh* I finished my last final yesterday at 2:00pm so I am, in fact, a free woman. And I'm going to get back on top of things.

I adore you all to infinitesimal pieces-- please don't ever believe otherwise.
*hugs tight*

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