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And I'll Tell You All A Story 'Bout the Joker and the Thief in the Night

I have this to say about tonight's finale of BSG:


OMFG. How is it that this show manages to top its previous cliffhangers every damn time? At the end of the miniseries, we found out Boomer was a Cylon. At the end of the first season, they found Kobol and the road to Earth. Second season was the amazing year-jump (which I was very dubious about at the beginning) and the Cylon invasion of New Caprica. And now... damn. Four of the five final Cylons.I've had my suspicions about Tigh since D'Ana had her vision and said "I'm so sorry, I didn't know..." I *knew* someone high up was going to be it and, while I thought sometimes that it might be Rosalind (because of her visions)... but it's Saul. Sam makes sense, too. As for the president's assistant... I was kinda lukewarm with that, because I've never felt she's a very important character, but clearly she's supposed to be in the position to do something. And Tyrol! Oh, my Boomer/Chief 'shipper heart just lept with joy at that one! I think this is gonna have big, big consequences for him as a person. Not only is his son a Cylon/Human hybrid, but he married his lover's murderer thinking that they were both on the same side and they're not.

I've toyed around with a fic about Tyrol being a Cylon, but I was afraid it was too out there. Now I get to play with it for real!

Also, Starbuck is alive!. I've been holding on to hope for the past three eps, but I didn't *know* she was alive until Lee started chasing the phantom bogey. *hearts Starbuck* Far too awesome to die, clearly.

So, the question becomes: who's Mystery Cylon Number 5? It could be Starbuck, 'cause it looked like her ship blew up. It could be Lee, because they showed him during the "All Along the Watchtower" montage with the other four. (Though that, in my opinion, would take some doing continuity-wise.)

Still, three of the main resistance leaders turn out to be Cylons. Serious bombshell. We have serious freakiness with the opera house. And, the biggest mystery of all: Why don't even the Cylons know the identity of the final five? I sense a bigger plan here.

And now we have to wait until 2008! *sobs*
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