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Sotsugyou Shite! (Graduating!)

That's right-- today's the day. X_x;; I turned in my last paper and took my last exam on Wednesday, I had my last day of work at the library on Thursday, but today.... today makes everything Official. The ceremony starts at 2:30, but grads have to be there an hour early. University graduations are notoriously boring and long, so I feel bad for my guests. Especially my mother and grandparents, who are coming all the way down here just to watch me walk.

Sam, always prepared, has bought Saw II to watch on his iPod. He promises to pause it to watch me graduate, even if it's at a really climactic scene. ^_~

I found out earlier this week that I'm graduating the history department with honors, so I get to wear an honors cord. I feel so snobby saying that-- but my mother and grandmother are both really excited about it. And it is kind of cool to have a GPA high enough.

So... yeah. Soon I'll have my BA in History and Asian Studies.

*hugs everyone*
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