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Revenge of the Hooded Sweater!

Yay, new season of The 4400! My comments are thoroughly spoiled, and only in roughly chronological order:

  • Is it just me, or does Jordan look less like a Christ figure and more like the Satan of Hair-Gell?
  • Kyle loves Shawn enough to take the promicine shot, just on the off-change he'll develop an ability that can help! I squeed all over the damn place at that. Also at the way he said, "I'm going to see Shawn" after he got back from backpacking in Central Where In The Hell.
  • I don't like Diana's boyfriend. I do like how Marco calls her, despite all the uncomfortableness of having been totally shot down, and she sounds happy to hear from him.
  • Kyle, what is with the old-person!hat? (Seriously, the boy can not dress himself *at all*) Also, could you not take advice from random people on park benches? I know you're really desperate to save Shawn and all, but... yeah, still.
  • Thank you, USA, for reinforcing the notion that all high school loners are sociopaths who will turn and feast on their peers if given half a chance. *disgusted*
  • Did you see how sweet Kevin was, trying to get Tess to take her medication? He is Eternally Her Puppy Person. It should be in their wedding vows, or something.
  • I love Maia, even as she continues to acculturate into the 21st Century. Ben needs adjust to the fact she's a precog, and nothing can change her visions-- especially not him just saying, "oh, I don't think it's gonna happen." Stupid Ben.
  • Kyle was ALL OVER Shawn in that hospital bed. So cute, rubbing his chest and stroking his hair. How come those two have trouble expressing their affections unless there's immediate danger or one of them in unconcious, huh? HUH!?
  • Ah, so Alana is in the past. ... not impressed. Or actually caring, even.
  • Luke-warm on the new NATC chick-- we'll see.

    Now, off to comment in Amber's journal! ^__^
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