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"Don't You Need Actual Clowns For That?"

I didn't get to watch The 4400 live tonight, because Tyrone and I went to see 1408 at the theater. So bleedy creepy-- I loved it. In Storm of the Century, Andre Linoge says that 'Hell is repetition', and that's definitely a reoccuring theme with King. Also, point for having a creepy little girl, and the awesome line, "It's just a fucking evil room."


Settling in for the season here, with a nice flow in. The story felt a little choppy in places (the "white light" especially), but it was still fun. Random observations, in roughly chronological order:

  • Clowns are incredibly scary. To roughly paraphrase Dave Barry, "Clowns are creepy. Stephen King wrote a whole book based on this concept." I loved Garrity reaction in the mental ward, though. Compared to Diana, he's such a rookie. Too used to hanging around the office and ducking in the closet with Marco for lunchtime quickies. Hee.
  • Yes, Kyle, confiscate Shawn's magazine and practically lie down on top of him. All cousins do that. Seriously, that was so cute. The writers are already sewing evil tensions between our boys, but they still love each other. And aw, smart Shawn figuring out that Kyle injected the promicine. Now, if only he could read between the lines and figure out that Kyle took the shot in hopes of helping him.
  • Which brings us to Cassie. I was thinking Kyle's ability was going to be Seeing Dead People ("They're everywhere!" *snork, giggle*), but no. We're gonna have to look at Cassie all the time. But isn't it interesting that Kyle's subconcious 'guide' or whatever is female? I want a scene where Kyle is talking to Shawn, and Cassie is draping herself all over Shawn in an overtly sexual manner, while Kyle has to try and carry on the conversation. Get a clue, Kyle-- you sometimes wish you were a trendy, willowy redhead, so you could get into Shawn's pants. Silly boy!
  • Thank you, writers, for once more picking a disadvantaged group to pick on with your storyline. First teenage loners, now autistic kids. Maybe I'm being overly sensitive (I did just see a preview for I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, which made me want to go on a violent rampage.) but I work with autistic kids, almost all of whom are incredibly sweet. Yes, some of them can be violent, but when they are it's generally because they've been allowed to 'rule the roost' at home, and haven't been disciplined "because they're special needs". I dunno. I felt more sorry for the little boy (Brandon?) than anything, considering how his dad was more than willing to take that 50% chance of death and shoot him up with promicine. Nice one, pops-- love conditional on 'normality'. Whatever the hell that is.
    ... I'm probably being overly sensitive. Whatever.
  • Diana: "Do I look like I watch dubbed films?" Rawr! Cat fight!
  • Talk about out of the blue character development for the NTAC new girl. That was so abrupt, it nearly gave me whiplash. Still, nice to have a context for Megan.
  • Poor Marco has to visit his boyfriend in the psychiatric ward. *pets the puppy-person* Love is never easy, is it, Marco?
  • Oh, Danny, you're still such a brat. Now you've guilted Shawn into helping you out, and Shawn's right-- your promicine shot isn't about helping the world, it's about one-upping your big-little brother. Issues.
  • Not that I'm a fan of Ilana, but... Tom takes down the pictures just 'cause Megan makes some off-hand comment about "letting her go"?
  • I want to see some Maia. And some Richard. And Tess! *chants* Tess, tess, tess...
  • Still relatively happy ending for all involved. Yayness.
  • Nitpick on Shawn's statement about autism being developmental: No one knows what causes autism. In fact, there is no medical test for diagnosing it-- only a set of behavioral characteristics. Autism is always diagnosed between infancy and two years of age, and the symptomatic behaviors differ wildly. You can find autistic children ranging from verbal to non-verbal, and everything in between. In particular, autism emphasizes social abilities, including lack of emotional activity, lack of incidental learning, difficulty in recognizing and responding to facial expressions, ect. Most autistic persons enjoy repetitive activities, and some even experience echolalia (automatic repetition of what is said to them). Some autistic children, with behavior modification and strict attention to their own personal 'symptoms', are able to lead relatively typical lives. Because autism occurs before or at the age of two, it affects developmental processes, and can sometimes cause them to regress. Pervasive developmental disorder is one of the four categories under the Autism Spectrum Umbrella, but... yeah. Sorry, the episode just made everything seem so cut and dry. Sorry to pontificate. *slaps hand* Bad Mere, no cookie. ^_~

One more thing:
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