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Nebula's Birthday!

Today is the anniversary of the day the ever-lovely, witty, spritely and all-around marvelous authoressnebula was ushered into her current existence. My lambykins is a wonderful writer, a dedicated dancer and teacher, and an amazingly kind person. Now, tell me that isn't reason to celebrate. *shark smile* I dare you. ^_~

I know I haven't been around much lately, dear (for which I apologize!), but I definitely wanted to make a present for your birthday. ^_^ So here is Astra-- named, of course, after your brilliant muse. I'm not sure I'm happy with the background (it was supposed to be lighter color, but my marker pooped out on me) or with the shade of her hair, but I'm very pleased with her face, and especially her dress. It turned out very light and airy, like I was aiming for. The gloves were a late edition, but they seem very appropriate and faey. I hope you like, and don't mind me naming her after your muse. ^_^ You always make me think of beautiful dancers so barely bound by the pull of our earth, like they danced out of some other world.

I hope you have a grand day-- you deserve only the best!
*hugs tight*
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