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Happy Birthday, Leia_N!

And another birthday! How ever did the month of June manage to contain this much awesome? This time it's the spectacular moonspinner's special day-- a celebration of her most glorious birth and presence on this planet. *hugs tight* Leia_N is a darling girl with a dry, witty intelligence and and amazing ability to paint with words. Not only this, but she's a patient and supportive friend with a graceful presence. Happy Birthday, sweetie-- I hope you have a lovely day, filled with lots of good friends and nice surprises. ^_^

My present to you is this, a portrait of a darker mirror of our shared OTP, as inspired by your brilliant and evocative Kaleidoscope universe. Your Padme and Vader are so wonderfully imagined, and their pasts written so convincingly that the alternate universe setting doesn't feel jarring at all-- it feels like a natural extension of a simple change in variables. I love it so, so much. It inspired me to draw this dark reflection of the wedding we saw on Naboo. Padme's dress was a lot of fun to work on, and Anakin even turned out fairly well, though I'm terrible at drawing men. (Stupid boys, so hard to draw-- their anatomy is all strange, and stuff. ^_~) I do hope you like it.

Have a great day! *hugs tight*
Tags: art-post, fanart, star-wars

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