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Tonight's 4400 and April's distressingly flippy hair

Sam and I took the girls to see Transformers yesterday-- they were happy to go, but not nearly as excited as he and I were. Yes, I am a complete geek-- I admit it. I am owned by my 80's childhood.

But Bumblebee kicked ass, and I totally want a friendly yellow alien robot car of my own now! ^_~

So, right-- the 4400:

  • I think April's flippy new hair do has made her Evil, in addition to spontaneous and trouble-prone. So, maybe she's not *really* evil, like Isabelle, but she's still responsible for the fact I now know Way Too Much about Tom's inner sex life. X_x;;; Can I get an eraser for my brain? I don't like Ben, but I so hope nothing even vaguely resembling Tim/Diana *ever* comes up again.
  • Oh, Kyle, is your goal this season to not engage your brain at all? Think, boy, think! [sarcasm] Because joining a radical quasi-religious group bent on violently tearing apart the fabric of society is just such a good idea. So is hiding out with the woman who almost killed your beloved cousin, in a cabin where you and said cousin had many happy childhood memories. Oh, and Isabelle would never lie to you about what the code in the book says. [/sarcasm] Bad Kyle! No cookie!
  • So, it took us... what? Four episodes for Shawn and Kyle to be back at each other's throats despite the fact they each hold the other as one of the (if not the) most important person in their lives? *sigh* Boys. Having their genitals on the outside makes them all strange and unreasonable.
  • But, did you see when Kyle and Shawn were both still excited and on the same side about Shawn running for office? They were all smiley and glowy, and Shawn said, "Do you want to be my campaign manager?" By which, of course, he totally meant: "Do you want a totally viable excuse to hang out with me all the time so I can finally put the moves on you and we can have hot monkey sex on this really plush rug in my office?" It's all in the intonation, you understand. ^_~
  • The whole April/Colin thing? Lazy writers-- I couldn't have cared less about the dope.
  • Weren't Maia's PJ's cute? She's just adorable. And, also, apparently the sole reason for Diana and Ben sticking together this long. I know she's a precog, but still... geeze. I hate to be Miss Evil Destroyer of Romantic Bubble, but I don't see any legitimate reason for those two to be together.
  • So, now Tom knows Kyle took promicin. He is very carefully avoiding thinking about *why* Kyle took the shot (to save Shawn!). It must be very hard to be Tom-- it involves a lot of denial, that's for sure.
  • Marco always has to do everyone's dirty work and keep all the secrets. Poor baby. Here's what happened at home with Garrity:
    Marco's standing in the shower, with his wet hair all in his face while he stares at the little rubber duck Garrity once bought him on a lark. The lights in the bathroom are off, but the hall light provides enough illumination. Garrity comes in, takes off his clothes and joins Marco.
    "I always have to keep the secrets," Marco says, in a sort of matter-of-fact way that doesn't even sound resigned.
    "You don't have to do everything Tom and Diana tell you to, you know," Garrity says, snuggling up behind Marco and soaping his tummy from behind. Marco sets the rubber ducky down on the small shelf and turns around to kiss his boyfriend. When they come up for air, Garrity says, "Turn the duck around."
    Marco is kind of dazed, "Say what?"
    "The duck," Garrity nods towards the bath toy, "turn it towards the wall. I don't want it watching us have sex."
    "You are completely bizarre," Marco laughs affectionately. And yes, he turns the duck around.

Amber's right. It's fun to have a completely out-there off-screen pairing to play with. ^_^
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