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Evanston: An Entire Town On Crack

I normally don't watch Painkiller Jane, but I happened to catch the second showing on Friday night, and I saw the actress who played Devon from The 4400 guest-staring. She was all stylishly dressed and scheming and controlling people's minds-- it was hot. ^^; *sigh* I never thought I'd miss Devon shuffling about and drooling over Jordan, but I kinda do. Who knew?

Speaking of Friday night Sci-Fi , I've been taping the third season of Doctor Who but I haven't been able to bring myself to watch it. I actually haven't been able to bring myself to watch the last two episodes of season two, because it allows my little Doctor/Rose heart to live in denial. I'm sure Martha is a lovely companion, but I was never very into the original Doctor Who, and I really, really enjoyed Rose's energy and quick-thinking. She had wonderful chemistry with both Nine and Ten, too. * I dunno...

Anyway, on to the point of this entry, which is tonight's The 4400:

Oh, Kyle, Kyle, Kyle. You are a source of great distress to me, Kyle, much as Shawn was all last season. Did you guys flip a coin to see who would take the next turn at making monumentally bad decisions? Also, if Season One or Two Kyle met up with our current religious-nut!Kyle, they'd probably kill each other. At least he didn't force the promicin on Tom, but that's one rational choice amongst thousands of really really bad ones. At least he didn't stick up too much for Isabelle-- if Shawn had been tied to those pipes, Kyle wouldn't have gone anywhere without him, that's for sure.

On more random notes:

  • Evanston reminded me very strongly of the Angel episode "Shiny Happy People". And, while I don't think Jordan is actually eating people, I have definite discomfort with a town where people put drugs in your pie and drain out your negative emotions. Utopias are called such for a reason-- from the greek utopos, meaning 'no place'. Because that's exactly where you'll find a perfect society. I guess I'm really showing my libertarian side here, but I've always seen big, all encompassing social movements as requiring a great deal of compromise and selective amnesia on the part of their followers. ^^;
  • Also, Jordan said, "Revolutions divide. Religions unite." HELLO-- Spanish Inquisition? The Crusades? State-Sponsored Religious Prejudices? Ringing any bells here? Honestly, Jordan, the entirety of recorded human history begs to differ with you.
    Why, yes, I am a jaded historian. What makes you ask?
  • I actually found myself missing Ilana. At least when she was around, there was somebody to mediate between Tom and Kyle's twin omg-I'm-five-and-totally-never-speaking-to-you-again!attitudes.
  • Maia may be an almost completely acculturated 21st Century eleven year old, but it's important not to forget that she spent her formative years in the 1930's and 40's. She was taken in 1946. Even though it took a great deal of time for the depth of inhuman cruelty, depravity and disgustingly loathsome actions taken by certain parties in WWII to come out, she couldn't have completely missed what was going on. Here in this world of video games, cell phones and neuro-surgery, she must have wanted to believe that we'd gotten better some how. Even though promicin and the 4400 are fictional, Maia's distress feels very real to me because I can't help but feel that our compassion and empathy for one another have not improved at all. The only thing that has increased is the number of people we're able to kill at one time.
    ... wow, that was kinda maudlin. Sorry about that. ^^; That whole promicin-camp kinda hit a nerve.
  • On another note, yay for a Ben-less episode.
  • According to next week's preview, there are ten agents from the future mucking about in the present. This plot device kind of annoys me, but I'm almost positive Cassie (and probably Ben!) is amongst the ten. *nod, nod*
  • Did you see Marco trying to be optimistic about preventing state-sanctioned mass murder? *pets Marco* Such love.
  • If I were Shawn, I would have just killed that political where he stood. No questions. But, as we've established, I'm not entirely objective on the issue.

Kinda a depressing episode, really. I miss Tess and Kevin. And Garrity.
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