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The 4400 4.06-- "In Which Marco Does Not Get The Hot Gay Sex, 'Cause He Has To Babysit for Diana"

Having thoroughly examined the matter via spoilers on the Internet, I decided to read Deathly Hallows because my Snape is vindicated, BOO-YA! *does a victory dance, sings* He's a bastard, but he's not evil, he's a bastard, but he's not evil...
The epilogue? Didn't happen. Except part of me wants Albus-Severus/Scorpius-- isn't that a terrible name to saddle your child with? He's gonna be sorted into Slytherin and become the next dark lord, all 'cause his daddy named him Albus Severus Potter. X_x;;;
Also, who's together in the afterlife? Sirius/Remus, that's who! Shaggin' in puppy heaven.

I have lots more to say, but it'll probably have to wait until I process it all.


Now, on to tonight's The 4400:

See, there's a reason why I don't watch shows on conspiracy theories... I read enough science fiction and horror in my formative years that massive government cover-ups seem entirely possible to my emotional mind. Like Fritz Lieber's The Big Time, in which the opposing sides-- the Snakes and the Spiders-- keep going back in time to change the outcome of everything from massive global events to individual lives. Their agents exist outside of time, and are the only ones who know that reality is totally unstable from day to day. So even though I'm an adult now and (supposedly) all rational, there's a little part of me that watches Taken and Resident Evil and says, "Oh yeah, the government would totally do that."

And nothing freaks me out like brain-hijacking! I don't even like Tom, and I know I'm going to be all distressed for him now, because he's a sleeper agent and might kill all his friends at the drop of a pin! X_x;; Oh, Kyle, I can't believe I'm saying this, but I wish you'd forced the promicin on your dad. Maybe that would have prevented the brain transfer, or whatever. *sigh* Or maybe Tom will take it now, and that will somehow help...

Other random points:

  • It completely amuses me that Marco is the cool guy in the theory room. He has snazzy clothes and glasses, and he's not living in his mother's basement like the other two guys. ^_~ Every time I think I can't want to squish and hug Marco any more than I already do... they go and prove me wrong. Did you see Marco's apartment? Perfect. And his pink shirt! But he needs to not wear his little sister's small red hoodies to work. ^^ She left it over there and it got mixed in the wash, but still. ^_~
  • Marco played Dr. Forrester and made Tom and Diana watch bad movies! Hahaha. Small justice.
  • Tom, Di & Co can laugh at the "He'll be dead-- completely dead" line, but as Amber and I well know, there are few worse fates than being a ZOMBIE.
  • As soon as Tom was taken to the psych ward, I knew they were going to evilify him. And that's totally a word. Evilify. *sheepish*
  • Kyle likes to play bondage games with his cousin! He was coping feels all the way down that corridor, man. Also, only Shawn could make Kyle doubt [sarcasm]The Great Jordan Collier[/sarcasm].
  • Shawn, don't save the evil guy! Let the bastard die! (Yes, I know-- I'm a bad person.)
  • Telephone conversation between Marco and Garrity, in very hushed voices:
    MARCO: [sheepish] Jed, you can't come over tonight. I'm sorry for such short notice.
    GARRITY: [sort of pained and resigned] Marco.
    MARCO: I had to!
    GARRITY: What're you doing now, alphabetizing her socks?
    MARCO: [a little indignant] ... Protecting a witness.
    GARRITY: #$)@(#$! That is not in your job description! Where in your job description does it say 'will brave the possibility of being shot and/or kidnapped because his ex-girlfriend is a needy bitch?
    MARCO: Look, I'll make it up to you.
    GARRITY: You'll wear the speedos? To an actual beach?
    MARCO:... yeah.
  • Finally-- Marco recites Something Corporate lyrics when he does his little mental block trick. Except sometimes Garrity's surf music gets in there.

Do I watch this show so I can see the plot unfold, or do I watch it so I can make shit up about it? The world may never know. ^___^
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