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The 4400 4.07-- "Maia is *so* Grounded"

Oh The 4400, why is it that even when you're trying to be hopeful about fixing the planet, you only manage to make me feel as if some terrible cataclysm is a-looming? I'm having a hard time finding anyone I'd actually side with, save Team Shawn, who seems to be moderate even to the point of saving the lives of future dictators. Shawn, darling, next time? Do us all a favor and let the bastard die.

I actually have two and a half pages of a 4400 fic that flew into my head last night-- it's a good thing it takes place nine years in the future, because I feel like people switch sides from week to week. Sometimes twice in the same week. X_x;;

Other observations:

  • Is it just me, or does Kyle remind anyone else of a totally brainwashed pod-person? He's the right hand man of a radical cult leader which, if I'm not mistaken, is something he accused Shawn of back in season two. These writers make me dizzy. I just want to hit Kyle with something heavy, these days.
  • Haha, Shawn and Kyle were groping each other in the sekrit!lair's corridors last week, and then Shawn hops in bed with the first skirt he finds to reaffirm that he is Totally Not Hot For His Cultist Cousin. Natch. Nice try, Shawn-- no dice. I bet Kyle and Shawn had an argument on their way from seeing Jordan last week; they were trying to keep their voices down, but getting more and more angry and intense and in-each-others-faces. Finally, one of them (Shawn? Hoping to shock some sense into his boyfriend cousin?) just grabbed the other and kissed him, hard. Follow this with several minutes of frantic, rough groping and tongue!sex. This pairing would have gone so much more smoothly in Ilana's alternate version.
  • I love how sweet Marco is with Maia. People on this show completely undervalue Marco. Ergo, I have decided to start a group called PETOM-- People for the Ethical TOf Marco. Someone has to do it.
  • But, look! We had Garrity back! It's a good thing Tom is so oblivious, or else he might have wondered why, on Garrity's first day back, both he *and* Marco had to constantly go to the supply closet for something or other. All Tom gets is the painfully forced sexually tension with his boss. It's better than the scary moment with Tom/Diana having dinner, anyway. X_x;;;
  • Right now, Diana is wishing she had that important talk with Maia. No, not the birds and the bees-- the "No Going Off to Speak With Egotistical Scary Religious Leaders" talk. Maia is so grounded. But the burn she gave Isabelle was awesome. I love how Maia is more mature than Isabelle is, without even trying.

Finally, a letter to the writers:

Dear 4400 Writers,

What is up with the Shawn/Isabelle in next week's preview? We've *done* that, and we were thoroughly grossed out the first time. If you do it again, we're gonna have to order more vomit.
Also-- two characters are going to die? I'm fairly sure you won't kill Shawn... but I still worry. Don't touch him. Or Garrity. Or Diana. Or Maia... or Kyle, even though I want to bash his head in right now. Anyone else is fair game.

Ta muchly,

Oh-- Amber, I got your email. Am off to reply right now! Enjoy SPN!
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