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"Brother, you fight my baby tonight, 'cause it's too darn hot."

It is so unbelievably hot, here. We have an actual heat emergency, if you can but dig it. Cinci is always pretty bad when it comes to summer humidity, but this year we've had very little rain, plenty of smog alerts, and temperatures that seem to like to party in the high 90's. Madness I tell you, utter madness.

As a result, it's very tempting to go nocturnal because, even though the nights are sticky and hot, they're sheer heaven compared to the days. The girls' camp days have been canceled all week due to the heat, and they seem to have set up camp in Sam's basement, where it's coolest. Ah, Ohio-- winters that freeze your ass off, summers that bake you, springs looming with tornados... why do I live here, again? X_x;;;

As you can imagine, I haven't gotten much done recently. ^^;

And now, some ramblings on the 4400:

I don't really have much to say about this episode, as I really wasn't all that impressed. I mean, there were some awesome Kyle/Shawn moments, as well as some nice interaction with Maia, Diana and Marco, but on the whole this was one of those 'we want to play with your head and not have any consequences for the long-term plot' episodes. I pretty much knew where things were going as soon as Diana and Tom said the last place they both remembered was being home. Still, there was definitely some serious Kyle/Shawn, so I'm a happy girl. Random observations, in no particular order:

  • Marco in the theory room! "I don't care if every P positive in Seattle is between us and that door..." I love Marco, because he's brave in the best way-- a compitent, caring way that he doesn't even realize *is* bravery. For some reason, he also looked very young to me in this episode, although that may just have been the navy hoodie he was wearing. It has occurred to me, though, that he must be at least five or six years younger than Diana, probably a little more. (I'm thinking Marco is in his mid-to-late twenties, though I may be wrong.) Considering this makes Diana's treatment of Marco even more tooth-grinding, because she was the older, more experienced party in the relationship, and she had to know that she was probably really only the second or third serious relationship Marco had been in. (Taking a detour into the personal fanverse of Amber and myself: Jed, on the other hand, strikes me as in his early thirties, and very cautious. Not only would he realize the risks involved in dating someone from work, and someone younger, there's also that pesky don't-ask-don't-tell. So I imagine he's always handling Marco with gloves, for two reasons: (1)he's serious about this and really doesn't want to see Marco get hurt again, and (2) he secretly loves it when Marco gets fed up with the gentle treatment and pounces. ^__^)
  • Back in canon: Maia totally pwns again. Diana, it is really sad that your ten year old daughter can be more mature about your break-up than you can. And it was sweet to see Maia missed Marco. Awww.
  • Turns out that Boss Lady Megan has some shady depths. Unfortunately, they're wasted on Tom. I'm not sure what the writers are planning for this Tom/Megan tangent, though I've been sort-of anticipating it since she showed up at the gallery and gave Tom advice on Ilana. It would really help if Tom had more than three expressions. ^_~ (For the record, those are: pissed, confused, and vaguely constipated. *giggles*) I know I'm mean to Tom. I can't help it.
  • Isabelle also loses, again. I'm so relieved that Shawn wasn't in bed with her voluntarily, and I laughed out loud when he fell off the cot in his efforts to get away from her. "Ah, evil sex toddler! Kyle, HELP!" I'll admit, I rewound to watch that a few times.
  • I am not, however, pleased with how touchy-feely Kyle and Isabelle have gotten. Leech-woman whore. *rolls eyes* But, if he sleeps with her, we'll all know it's because Shawn wz there, omg.
  • By far, the best part of this episode was Shawn's fake death. It made me very upset, but did you see Kyle bending over his cousin, all freaked out (and clearly not paying any attention to Isabelle's screaming) and helpless? And then when he approached the barricade, he was so lost and out of it, like he was shell-shocked. I hope he remembers that feeling and re-evaluates just who has been strange and unreasonable in this relationship recently.
  • We didn't see Marco wake up, but that's cause he was in bed with Garrity. ^___^
  • This is scary, but I saw some Tom/Jordan. No, really, I did! They were all glowery at each other, and then Jordan's like, "So, Tom, do you want to hang up first, or shall I?" Very much with the alpha male pissing contest, and disturbing slash vibes. I think I need an eraser for my brain.

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