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Wow, lots of stuff going on. My summer has been so low key that I feel a little overwhelmed, actually. ^_~ (Haha-- just wait 'til I start my new job. Someday, I'll look back on all this and marvel at how chaos free these few months managed to be.)

My birthday went pretty well. My Mom was here on Tuesday for a little while, and she'll be back next week after her vacation in South Carolina. We really all wanted to take a vacation together this year, but with Sam working and my search for a more permanent teaching position... there was just no way. Plus, I don't think my mom has had time all to herself since... since... well, probably since shortly after my brother was born. ^_~ She and I went shopping and out to see Hairspray, and just generally had a great girl's day. I love talking to her on the phone, but it's always great to be together in person, and be so goofy/rowdy together that we're mistaken for sisters. ^___^ Sam and the girls took me out to Montgomery Inn for a birthday dinner tonight, which was lovely-- Sam got me a gift certificate for Half Price Books (love that place!) and the girls got me the DVD for Ghost Rider. (He's a skeleton, and his head is on fire! Wheee!) In addition, I'd ordered Tanith Lee's book of the Damned and the Film Crew's Killers From Space, both of which managed to come today in the mail. Awesome timing.

Sam had to go into work tonight, but he actually got tomorrow night off. The plan is (if his babysitter comes through) for he and I to go to an adult comedy club down on the Kentucky side of the river, and visit this Italnian resturaunt he's been raving about. He's been to the club before with a musician friend of his, and he's very excited because it's apparently very liberal and gay-friendly. If it's half as good as he says, we should have lovely time.

In the digital world, I know there's been some terrible stuff shaking down between LJ and (mostly) the Harry Potter fandom. Anyone who knows me will probably be able to guess my opinon on these matters-- I didn't even want to comment on it, but things are getting kind of ugly. I love my fandom, but I generally try to avoid conflict, so I may or may not post something more on this, depending on how the tide turns. Any time we have Established Social Majority vs Subculture, it's a lot like Mr. Universe vs Captain Tiny. We're lucky if we get through one round before he sits on us. Does that make witch-hunting and such right? No. But it comes with the territory. The only answer is to keep existing anyway, 'cause you know it pisses 'em off. ^_~
Be subversive, darlings. At the risk of sounding melodramatic-- it's the only hope for a better tomorrow.

Alright-- there. I've said more than I even intended too. Even though it's past midnight, I don't count my birthday as over until it's been exactly twenty-four hours since I was born. (4:55 am, as my mother so enjoys reminding me. ^_~) With four hours left, I think I'll have some raspberry chip icecream and draw.

Much Love,
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